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Roaming free across the Great Plains, the bison is an icon of the American West. Its massive size and ambling gait can make it quite the traffic obstruction too! If you've ever been on a drive through a place like the Black Hills, Custer State Park or Yellowstone National Park, you're likely familiar with long lines of cars slowly following a herd of buffalo in no hurry at all.

These traffic jams are a great way to get up close and personal from a safe, respectful distance, but it's all too common to see a reckless tourist get far too close for comfort in search of a photo. While our parks do their best to educate tourists on wildlife safety, you can also do your part (in a slightly less tactful way). Inspired by Yellowstone's famous buffalo PSA posters, this black and yellow buffalo sticker will be a fun reminder to stay away from these 2000 pound bovines that can run 3x faster than you can.

Place this funny bison sticker on a notebook, cooler, or laptop. Perfect waterproof vinyl decal for Hydroflask water bottles & thermoses. Makes a great gift for locals in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and anywhere the buffalo roam

  • Dimensions: 4" wide x 2.8" tall (bumper sticker or large water bottle size)
  • Die cut on thick waterproof vinyl for years of adventure indoors & outdoors
  • Matte UV protective laminate for extra durability
  • Will adhere to just about any smooth surface
  • If you apply this decal to an insulated thermos (such as a Yeti, Klean Kanteen, Swell Bottle, or Hydro Flask), avoid running it through the dishwasher to extend the life of your sticker (and your bottle!)
  • Designed & printed in North Texas
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