About Us

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Named after Sentinel Dome in Yosemite National Park, Sentinel Supply was born on a family road trip through California. We realized how much we love collecting stickers to commemorate fun trips and our favorite locations, so we created a few of our own to share. Most of our sticker ideas are the result of long drives and a lot of laughs, made for fellow explorers with a sense of humor and a love for nature.

In Wichita Falls, TX, we're constantly inspired by the great outdoors and the rugged North Texas landscape. We started with vinyl decals and the artwork made its way to buttonsT-shirts, hats, and magnets — all designed and printed in the USA.

As a 100% family owned and operated company, we love working with other small businesses to create unique gifts that celebrate America’s many amazing parks, places, & adventures.

Questions? Comments? Interested in bulk stickers for your brick & mortar shop? Fill out our contact form or send an email to hello@sentinelsupplyco.com. We'll get back to you shortly.

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Giving Back

We are proud supporters of Motorrad Angels, a nonprofit made up of adventure riders traveling the world on motorcycles to bring clean water and lifesaving medical and dental assistance to the world's most vulnerable communities. A portion of each Sentinel Supply sale is donated to Motorrad Angel's Water Project, which brings water filtration systems to those without access to clean water.


Committed Sustainable Packaging with Eco EncloseSustainability

We think we have a pretty amazing and beautiful planet. As a 100% solar powered print shop, we are committed to doing our part to keep it beautiful for generations to come. To that end, we've also partnered with EcoEnclose and only use sustainable packaging for all of our shipments. We hope you'll join us in reusing, recycling, and doing your part to keep our planet healthy so the next generation can enjoy its beauty too.