Introducing Meerkat Moto Stickers & Apparel for ADV Motorcycle Riders

Introducing Meerkat Moto Stickers & Apparel for ADV Motorcycle Riders

What is Meerkat Moto? We get this question frequently, so we thought it would be good to compile our answer into a blog post here on our fresh new website.
“Meerkating” is a term that’s been tossed around in the adventure motorcycling world for quite a few years now. The term refers to ADV bikers standing up while riding. Due to the alert posture of riders on their bikes, they resemble a meerkat standing at attention. We took that term and are working to create a brand that commemorates the meerkat stance.
Regardless of why you stand like a meerkat on your motorcycle (there are lots of rationales and reasons for it), we want to celebrate it with a fun line of gear for many types of riders. So, STAND TALL & RIDE PROUD!


At the moment, the Meerkat Moto lineup includes stickers, t-shirts, and hats. We have two logo stickers that feature a general ADV rider - a square and a shield version. We also have shield style stickers based on iconic headlights from well-known manufacturers. These include the recognizable designs of: the BMW Motorrad R1200 & R1250, Honda's Africa Twin, and both the old and new headlight series for KTM adventure bikes. As we grow, we’ll add more light styles (e.g. Triumph, Ducati, and others). We also plan to add long sleeve t-shirts and perhaps even riding jerseys. Long sleeve styles will include “Stand Tall” on one sleeve and “Ride Proud” on the other. So, stay tuned for new product designs, color options, and much more.

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