New White Oval Bumper Sticker Locations Added!

New White Oval Bumper Sticker Locations Added!

We've added tons of new locations to our white oval sticker collection! Shop Bodie Ghost Town, Itasca State Park, Bears Ears National Monument, Ecola State Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Mt Diablo State Park, & Smith Rock State Park. Many more are coming soon! Shop all white oval sticker designs here

Commemorate your road trips and travels with a classic black and white oval bumper sticker. We have vinyl decals for a wide range of locations across the United States, from beloved national parks to wilderness locales accessible only by dirt road. These are all places we've loved visiting, and we're so happy to share them with other people who have made good memories in the great outdoors.

All designs are available in 3" & 4" wide sizes. The smaller size is great for Hydroflasks & laptops, while the larger size is a perfect bumper sticker.

If there's a specific location you'd like to see added to our list, please feel free to contact us, or visit our wholesale stickers page for retailers.

South Jersey White Oval Bumper Sticker
Mount Diablo White Oval Bumper Sticker
Itasca State Park Minnesota Bumper Sticker

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